Is Wal-Mart (WMT) A Buy After the 10% Sell-off? [2-Minute Trade Idea]

Our 2-Minute Trade Ideas break down a dividend stock in 2 minutes.

The goal is to give you a quick analysis on a dividend stock (using our website, rankings, etc.) so that you can learn how to better utilize our research for your own investing.  We are also going to try to focus on stocks that have made a big move recently or have had a major catalyst.

This video discusses whether or not Wal-Mart (WMT) is a Buy after the 10% plunge today.

Click here to view the full Wal-Mart Inc. (WMT) stock profile.

10 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now (Series)

Thanks to Correction 2018...there are a lot of great dividend stocks on sale. This video mini-series highlights 10 Dividend Stocks that you can buy now.

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